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At Harley Street Gynaecology, we follow 3 basic rules to provide the excellent care to our clients:


Not every disease behave in the same manner in every individuals. So you need individualised Risk Based Assessment (RBA) utilizing all newly developed diagnostic tools.


Not every individuals expect and accept the same outcome from their treatments.So we provide customised care plan that addresses your expectations.


People seek advice from their doctors when they are worried about their wellbeing. They can be both physically and psychologically vulnerable. That’s why we believe in sensitive, sympathetic, Compassionate Care.

Mr Khan Performs more than 600 colposcopy and cervical 200 treatments per year. We is the Head of the Colposcopy and vulva disease unit of Whittington Hospital. He runs special vulva clinic both in the NHS and in the private practice. He is specialised in vulval pre cancer, lichen sclerosus, warts, painful sex.

He also performs cosmetic (aesthetic) procedures for labia and vagina.