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Harley Street Gynaecology

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Harley Street Gynaecology
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Highly Experienced Gynaecologists at Harley Street, London
Harley Street Gynaecology

Harley Street Clinic

Central London

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Personalised Gynae Care

Harley Street Gynaecology is a top graded gynaecology & obstetrics clinic run by experienced Gynaecologists Harley Street London . At Harley Street Gynaecology, we provide comprehensive, compassionate and state of the art care to women with a broad range of gynecologic problems, including abnormal bleeding, pelvic pain, abnormal smear, pelvic masses, contraceptive management, vaginal and vulvar diseases. We provide primary as well as specialist care and offer non-surgical, minimally invasive, traditional surgical and alternative medical treatment.

Specialised Cancer Stop Clinic

In partnership with Cancer Prevention UK, Harley Street Gynaecology offers a set of Cancer Screening packages. These are not part of any NHS screening Programme .

  • Best price plan for colposcopy and cancer screening in Private Sector
  • Use of latest Biomarkers for Risk assessment
  • Free Multidisciplinary Review complex cases

Proud partner of gynaecology service of Golf Chic


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Harley Street Gynaecology

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Miss Katie Jeitz
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In partnership with Cancer Prevention UK, we offer a set of Cancer Screening packages.

Well women Check up Clinic

Well women Check up Clinic

Vulval and Vaginal Clinic

Bespoke treatments for Vulvar vaginal burning, itching, irritation, pain. Vulvar Vestibulitis and yeast infections.

Menopause Clinic

The general menopause clinic & premature menopause clinic

Sexual Health clinic

Sexual Health clinic

Early Pregnancy

Early Preganacy and Miscarriages

Endocrine PCOS / PMS clinic

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and Premenstrual syndrome

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