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Experienced Private Gynaecologists in London

Harley Street Gynaecology offers treatments by highly experienced male & female private gynaecologists in London . At Harley Street Gynaecology, we offers well-tailored total gynae care according to your condition. We offer affordable private gynaecology, obstetrics treatments and cancer screening services by highly qualified experts with decades of experience. 

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DR Ahfaq Khan

Ashfaq Khan

Mr Ashfaq Khan, one of the most experienced gynaecologists in London, is practicing Gynaecology and obstetrics in London for the last 14 years.

He had his clinical training at different hospitals in London including St. Barthelomews Hospital London, The Royal London Hospital, The Whittington Hospital and carried out his research work on Cervical Cancer at University College of London. Mr Khan is an experienced Gynaecologist with special interest in minimal access surgery (laparoscopy) and ambulatory gynaecology (Colposcopy, Vulvoscopy, Hysteroscopy)

female private gynaecologist London

Miss Sapna Shah

Ms. Shah is an experienced gynaecologist with special interest in interest in colposcopy and vulval disease and endoscopy . She completed her PhD from University College London in 2012. PhD thesis was on Human Papillomavirus and Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia in HIV infected women. She received Clinical Research Training Fellowship  from Medical Reaseach Council and Royal college of Obstretician and Gynaecologists . She also completed a Diploma on family planning and sexual health

Prof Grodon Stamp Harley Street

Professor Gordon WH Stamp

Prof Stamp is an internationally reputed Diagnostic Surgical and Molecular Pathologist with 40 years’ experience of specialist interests in the fields of cancer pathology, application of advanced techniques in Diagnostic Histopathology and Cytopathology.  He is currently the honorary Professor of Histopathology, Imperial College.

He is the Founder and Managing Director of Advance Histopathology Laboratory, an independent laboratory, providing high level diagnostic expertise which incorporates a group of elite pathologists operating a “Chambers” model to provide highest standards of diagnostic patient care, founded on the pursuit of excellence ethos of the unique Histopathology Department at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School Hammersmith Hospital, where I trained and was ultimately Head of Department.


Miss Katie Jeitz

Katie is a Member of Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.
She has been working in London teaching NHS hospital for 12 years, specialising in the Women’s Health Physiotherapy. Completed Masters degree in Rehabilitation Studies (Physiotherapy in Women’s Health) in 2009. Trained in Acupuncture (MSc level). Mentor to postgraduate students on Women’s Health Physiotherapy modules at the University of Bradford

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