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This self pay package prices are applicable to our Harley Street Clinic.

Price is for Harley Street Branch only

Colposcopy and HPV Clinic

Package price no additional charge for Harley Street Branch

ServiceWhat to expectPrice
HPV Vaccine Three doses over Six months £765
VaginoscopyConsultation, Vaginoscopy and same day report (examination of Vagina) £595
ColposcopyConsultation, Colposcopy and same day report (examination of Cervix) £595
Vaginal Punch Biopsy £260
.Cervical Punch biopsy (outpatient)£260

Valva Clinic

Package price no additional charge for Harley Street Branch
ServiceDescription Price
Vulvoscopy Consultation, Vulvoscopy for diagnosis of vulval condition and exclude Vulval Pre cancer condition £410
Vulva Punch biopsy (outpatient) £395

Pregnancy Care Package

ServiceDescription Price
ConsultationTo discuss about early issues, how to plan your pregnancy care £260
Complete Early Pregnancy CareConsultation + Early Pregnancy scan + Ante natal Complete Blood test (Full blood count , Blood sugar , Blood antibody , Rubella , Syphillis , Hepatitis infection)£980
Early Pregnancy Scan Only Scan£195
Antenatal Care & ChildbirthBy Mr A Khan Senior Obstetrician at Portland Hospital – consultation appointment £350

(including bleeding after menopause, in between period, after sex)

Designed for those under 40 years of age with irregular or Abnormal bleeding

PCOS Check Packages

Well Women Packages

ServiceDescription Price
Silver PackageFull gynaecological review, Breast examination, HPV test (included) *Additional £75 if you add Smear test£350
Gold packageFull gynaecological Clinical History review, Breast examination (palpation), ThinPrep cervical smear + HPV test + Pelvic Scan£690
Platinum PackageFull gynaecological review + Breast examination + Cervical HPV test + Pelvic Ultrasound + Blood test (Liver function , Renal function, Hormone profile+ Fatigue profile)£975
Breast scanCan be added at an additional price.
(all inclusive -no additional charge from Hospital or Laboratory)
ServiceWhat to ExpectPrice
Sexual Health Silver PackageConsultation (with chlamydia and gonorrhoea infection check) and treatment Single appointment £370
Sexual Health Gold packageConsultation + Swab PCR check for (7 types STI) with treatment Single Appointment £570
Sexual Health Platinum PackageConsultation + Swab PCR check + Blood test Including HIV£700

Miscarriage Package

ServiceDescription Price
Miscarriage Complete Package Consultation + Pelvic scan +Comprehensive Blood test (follow up is not included £1500
Miscarriage Basic Package Consultation +Comprehensive Blood test (follow up is not included) £1250

Gynaecology Aesthetic Service

ServiceDescription Price
Vaginal Tightening
LabioplastyPlease call to get price quotation

Menopause Health Check

ServiceDescription Price
ConsultationMedical history reviews abdominal and pelvic examination + Prescription £260
Mammogram Additional£1200
Menopause Platinum Consultation + Hormone profile + Fatigue test + Pelvic scan + HPV test + Ovarian tumour marker £1050
Menopause (Genital Health Check) Consultation + Vaginoscope for Vulval and Vagina Health & sex drive + Blood test (oestradiol, testosterone, free testosterone index) £1200

Gynaecology Scan

Package price no additional charge for Harley Street Branch

ServiceWhat to expectPrice
Follicle tracking Only scan (no consultation)£195
Breast Scan Performed at different clinic (only after general consultation with our Specialist)£300
Ultrasound scan (abdominal/vaginal) Ultrasound scan only (by consultant without consultation) £270
Early Pregnancy Scan Only scan (no consultation)£195
Consultation and Ultrasound scan Review of symptoms and ultrasound in same consultation £490
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