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This self pay package prices are applicable to our Harley Street Clinic.

General Consultation

Cancer Screening

Colposcopy/Vaginoscopy/Vulvoscopy need an appointment with consultant first. Procedure can carried out during your first appointment. 

ServiceWhat to expectPrice
Cervical Cancer DetectionColposcopy £630
Punch Biopsy of cervix £230
Treatment of CINOut Patient treatment with Loop (LLETZ) under Local anaesthesia with histopathology reporting and clinic charge £2050
Abnormal Bleeding after 40 ( Endometrial cancer Detection) Pelvic scan and consultation £520
Endometrial biopsy £395
.Pelvic scan + Blood test for Cancer marker with consultation £760
Vulval Cancer Detection Vulvoscopy £130
Vulval Biopsy £350
Ovarian Cancer Detection Pelvic scan + Consultation £520
Pelvic scan + Consultation + blood test for cancer marker£670


** Additional phlebotomy charge of £22 for blood tests.

General Health Check-up

(all inclusive -no additional charge from Hospital or Laboratory)
ServiceDescription Price
Well Woman Check (Silver)Full gynaecological review, Breast examination, Smear test (included) *Additional £70 for HPV test £330
Well woman Check (Gold package) Full gynaecological review, Breast examination, ThinPrep cervical smear + HPV test + Pelvic Scan£670
Well Woman Check (Platinum Package)Full gynaecological review + Breast examination + Cervical HPV test Pelvic Ultrasound + Blood test (Biochemistry screen • Hormone profile • Fatigue profile )£975
Breast scanCan be added at an additional price.

Sexual Health Check up

(all inclusive no additional charge from Hospital or Laboratory)
(all inclusive -no additional charge from Hospital or Laboratory)
ServiceWhat to ExpectPrice
Sexual Health (Silver Package) Consultation (with chlamydia and gonorrhoea infection check ) and treatment£370
Sexual health (Gold package)Consultation + Swab check for (7 types sexual infections)£570
Sexual Health (Platinum Package)Consultation + Swab check + Blood test Including HIV£700
Breast scanCan be added to Platinum package£1120

Fertility Health Check

(all inclusive -no additional charge from Hospital or Laboratory)
ServiceDescription Price
Fertility Health Check (Silver)Consultation + Blood test £460
Fertility Health CheckConsultation + Vaginal Scan + two sets of Blood test£685

PCOS – AUB Check

Thrush Check Package

Miscarriage Package

Miscarriage Check up Package (Consultation + Pelvic Scan+ Comprehensive blood test with full report £1500)

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