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If you are using medical insurance there will be no additional charges as we are fully covered by all major insurances.

We are committed to offer the best use of your time and money . (Please feel free to compare)
Health care is a service not a business to us.
Our Laboratory tests are done at the internationally reputed laboratory at the Central London.
All scans and images will be carried out by the very experienced Doctors.
This self pay package prices are applicable to our Harley Street Clinic.
(No hidden charges. All the prices published on this list are inclusive of hospital charges and laboratory charges.)

Initial consultation £250, Follow up £200

Online consultation £200 

RBA - Risk Based Assessment

ServiceDescription Price
RBA of cervical HealthConsultation plus colposcopy £590
+ HPV and Smear (including lab charge and reporting)+£160
RBA of Cervical healthCervical Punch biopsy (including reporting ) * + £199
Consultation , Colposcopy and biopsy ( including reporting )£789
+ HPV ( Biomarker test )+£145
HPV vaccine against 9 types of HPV3 doses of Gardasil 9 ( price of vaccine included )£760

Cancer Screening

ServiceDescription Price
RBA of Endometrial HealthConsultation + Scan + Biomarker test £540
Endometrial biopsy (including laboratory reporting)£395
RBA of Vulval HealthConsultation and Vulvoscopy£380
Vulval biopsy (if indicated)£300
RBA Vaginal Health (Pre cancer and warts)Consultation + Vaginoscopy£500
Biomarker testPlease ask the doctor
RBA of Ovarian HealthConsultation + Scan + Biomarker test£539


Service & PriceDescriptionPrice
Fertility Health Check (Pack F) Consultation Blood test Pelvic Scan £575

Well Women Check

ServiceDescription Price
Well Women Check ( Basic Package) Full gynaecological review, Breast examination, HPV test (included). Cervical smear test +£75 £309
Well Women Check (Basic plus Package)Full gynaecological review, Breast examination, ThinPrep cervical smear + HPV test, Pelvic Scan £590
Well Women Check (40+ package) Full gynaecological review • Breast examination • ThinPrep cervical smear + HPV test • Pelvic Scan • Mamogram TBC
Smart Women Check (Executive well woman package) • Full gynaecological review • Breast examination • ThinPrep cervical smear • Pelvic Ultrasound • Breast scan • Haematology screen • Biochemistry screen • Hormone profile • Vitamin D £885

Miscarriage & Early Pregnancy

Recurrent Miscarriage Consultation,Pelvic scan Blood test £650
Early Pregnancy assessment TBCTBC
Pregnancy package (Upto 24 weeks) TBCTBCTBC

Sexual Health

Service Description Prices
Sexual Health Basic CheckConsultation Chlamydia + Gonorrhoea Check £ 310
Sexual Health (Executive Package)Consultation + Swab test + Blood test for Chlamydia , Gonorrhoea , Syphillis , HIV 1 , HIV 2 , Hpatitis B , Hepatitis C £545