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Harley Street Gynaecology in partnership with Cancer Prevention UK , designed a set of Cancer Screening packages . These are not part of any NHS screening Programme.

Best price plan for colposcopy and cancer screening in Private Sector

Team of Highly Experienced Colposcopists and pathologists

Cancer Stop clinic

Team of Highly Experienced Colposcopists and Pathologists

Mr  A Khan, FRCOG   ( Head of Colposcopy Unit and Lead of Cervical screening Programme Whittington Hospital, London NHS)

Prof Gordon Stamp specialist Pathologist in cancer detection

Use of Biomarker for Risk assessment

Free Multidisciplinary Review complex cases

Our screening scanning package

Cancer Screening

Colposcopy/Vaginoscopy/Vulvoscopy need an appointment with consultant first. Procedure can carried out during your first appointment. 

ServiceWhat to expectPrice
Cervical Cancer DetectionColposcopy £610
Punch Biopsy of cervix £230
Abnormal Bleeding after 40 ( Endometrial cancer Detection) Pelvic scan + Blood test for Tumor marker with consultation £540
Pelvic scan and Consultation £450
Endometrial biopsy £395
Vulval Cancer Detection Vulvoscopy £130
Vulval Biopsy £300
Vaginal Cancer Detection Vaginoscopy £150
(including warts) Vaginoscopy + biopsy £350
Ovarian Cancer Detection Pelvic scan + Consultation £450
Pelvic scan + Consultation + blood test for cancer marker£550


** Additional phlebotomy charge of £22 for blood tests.