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Private Colposcopy Clinic London

Harley Street Gynaecology is a leading private colposcopy clinic in London | Harley Street

Colposcopy is a simple and details  examination of cervix which allows the physician to start to see the type and section of the abnormality on your cervix. In addition, it helps the doctors to decide if you require treatment.

The instrument is named a colposcope and is very just a huge magnifier which lets the physician look more directly at the changes on your cervix.It generally does not go inside you. This is a pain-free examination, however, many could find it somewhat uncomfortable.

Your problems

HPV infection
Persistent abnormal smear
Low grade smear
Moderate or Severe abnormal smear
Abnormal Smear/ +ve HPV after treatment
Vaginal pre cancer
Vulval pre cancer
Anal (or around anal) pre cancer
Multiple sites pre cancer


Our Solutions

Biomarker test
HPV test
Vaginoscopy (Vaginal scope)
Vulvoscopy (Vulval scope)
Anoscopy (Anal scope)
Specialised needle excision
Loop (Cone) excision
Cryo treatment
Laser treatment
Electro diathermy treatment

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